Saturday, 31 October 2009

Blackie's 2nd visit to NTU Vet Hospital! Reconstruction in Action!



Blackie's visit to Dr. Yeh at NTU Hospital yesterday was promising. The Doc who praised how well behaved Blackie was has scheduled a blood test for Blackie next Friday and a Preoperative Computer-Assisted Model Planning on Sunday where they will take computer pictures of his facial and skull structure. If everything goes well Blackie will undergo his first surgery the following week where he will have his front teeth (which are protruding) taken out which will make his bottom jaw retract. Blackie's top snout however is missing almost all of his bone structure, and canines unlike humans can not have this re-constructed; however after the surgery Blackie will have a shorter snout which will allow him to eat and breathe more properly.

The Doc confirmed that Blackie was hit by a heavy object, but can not determine whether it was intentional or accidental because it has been too long since the incident. Blackie's skull was fractured but has healed on its own. Right now Blackie has gained around 2 kgs from approx. 12.5 kgs. Lets hope everything goes well for our brave little one Blackie!


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