Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Hong Kong SPCA!

Nice and visible! Close to downtown area!

Newly renovated Cats Homing room!

Dogs area- resembling a park

Glass kennels-easier to clean/see the cuties!

Even in the city- an outdoors exercise area

Karen Mok Campaign- don't wear fur

We made a trip to the HK SPCA which has been established for 88 years. Their newly renovated facilities in Wanchai was very visible and relatively close to downtown. It has glass kennels which allow for easier cleaning and anxiety/noise control (Dogs see with their noses; therefore in glass-enclosed shelters, dogs are actually more alert and attentive rather than barking all the time. This is because they cannot smell anything, especially their other dog companions, which encourages them to use their other senses).

It was impressive to see the work that has gone into the planning of their homing areas. It was made to resemble a park with colorfully painted walls and spacious kennels. An exercise area is also something they insist on because dogs needs to release their energy; alot of times aggression or excessive barking is due to lack of exercise. 

We must thank Sandy and all the staff at SPCA that gave us a tour and was so helpful to us on such short notice!

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