Saturday, 17 October 2009

Pig Cruelty Case, Owner Given Warning Notice

The Taiwan SPCA was prompted to act on behalf of a three-year-old pig named Cheese kept in unsatisfactory conditions as part of a restaurant display in the Sogo area of Taipei. After speaking to the staff and manager of the establishment on several occasions but with no improvement in the pig's welfare, the case was reported to the Taipei Municipal Institute of Animal Health (TMIAH). Director Peter Yen investigated the case personally after already having other complaints from passersby distraught the pig's plight.

With a new inspector recently transferred from the city's police department, as well as a reporter from the Apple Daily, the TMIAH checked in once more on the undernourished, pacing porcine, and issued the manager of the restaurant with a warning letter to improve the pig's conditions within two weeks or face a fine and confiscation of the animal to the Taiwan SPCA.
The restaurant owner had not been aware that keeping a pig in a confined space with no food or water, company, or dirt to dig in, in all kinds of weather, was cruel, and in fact appeared to be very fond of the restaurant's mascot.

The Taiwan SPCA has provided the TMIAH and restaurant manager with a pig care sheet for reference and will continue to monitor this case.

Click on the title above for the Apple Daily report.

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