Wednesday, 19 May 2010

You WILL Enjoy This! The Musings of a 19 Year Old Intern at the Taiwan SPCA

Dear honorable supporters, dedicated fans and avid followers of the Taiwan SPCA,

In the article that follows you will be able to delve into the delicate mind of a 19 year old intern at the Taiwan SPCA. You will able to enjoy the quality musings of an adolescent living in an adult world, doing adult things and taking on adult responsibilities. Don't worry, you will not be met with the usual plethora of teenage slang and idioms. Instead, I hope you will discover an article worthy of deep and meaningful discussion which would ultimately lead to a new level of enlightenment to all. Please enjoy.

Before I begin the amazing journey which is my article, I deem it proper social etiquette to introduce myself to those who haven't had the pleasure of meeting me yet! A happy coincidence including a half-eaten hamburger, a note, a sleazy restaurant and a group of adolescent Taiwanese girls gave birth to a relationship which lead to me! I hail from the two great nations of Taiwan and the Netherlands. I was born in Kaohsiung and have lived in Asia the whole 19 years of my life. I've lived in Japan, China and Taiwan. After 19 years of exploring the Orient, I decided that my life needed something new, and I headed to the West. I am currently studying Wildlife Management in the Netherlands. To close off a great first academic year full of study, drinking, rugby, drinking, fraternities, drinking, new friends and drinking, I decided to do my required internship back in my trusted city of Taipei. Having worked with Sean McCormack before (as a staff member at the AnimalsTaiwan Rescue Center) I contacted him. He offered to help me out, and now here I am; the new Taiwan SPCA intern. Now enough about me! Onwards we go to those quality musings about being an intern that I promised.

What I suspect that my new superiors wanted me to do is, is to write an engaging article about my experience here. Since all good interns listen to their boss, especially when they look like the two bosses I have here in the office (twins...HOT!), I shall now proceed with my account of my days here at the office of the Taiwan SPCA.

The days always start very ritualistic. Many business men and women can probably relate; you probably do exactly what I do every single day. You shuffle into the office, still rubbing the last bit of sleep out of your face. You incoherently greet your co-workers and make your way to your desk. While your computer is starting up, you take those two minutes to sip your morning beverage wishing that you were back in your warm, comfortable bed. When the computer is finally on and you've logged on you can finally start your day of hard work! That means only one thing, up comes Facebook so you can check if any of your friends have replied to your last posts. This Facebook page will not be closed throughout the day and will serve as a hourly distraction to an otherwise productive day. This is the beginning of everyone's day, yes?

**I know it's a lot of text. I apologize to those people who are thinking that Sean has made a grave error in allowing me access to the blog for a day. Keep reading though, I'm very funny.**

On to more serious material now. It is of course not all play. Occasionally it's serious here in the office as well. Multiple phone calls come in that Connie replies. Tens of emails come in every day which Connie replies too. Then there's the multitude of paperwork that Connie works through, while I look on. It seems I am here only to provide some moral support for my hard working boss...

That's a lie. I don't just watch Connie all day (although that would be a great pastime for when I have more free time). When I get to work everyday there is a small piece of paper on my desk describing all the tasks that I should do that day. These administrative undertakings of me are one of my main areas of focus while working for the Taiwan SPCA. Although I had always marked myself as an outdoors man, running wild with animals in the field, these tasks do teach me everyday about responsibility, dedication, patience, and many other things that 19 year olds learn from these kinds of experiences.

However, my internship is not limited to just this laptop. No indeed, I am let out from time to time to take in the brilliant weather here in Taipei and participate in outside activities. These 'outings' include many different things, from investigating horrendous animal cruelty cases to bringing animals to doctors. Oh the sights I've seen! The sounds I've heard! The smells I've smelt! It would be unimaginable for me to describe the horrors that I have experienced. No, don't ask! I better keep the details for myself and suffer alone. It would be best not to ask me about these things...

At this point in my long, almost nonsensical musing, I must add that I truly enjoy the work that I am involved with at the Taiwan SPCA. All sarcasm and drama aside, this work has been my motivation to continue in the study that I am currently in. I feel a certain passion for this work that I can't adequately describe with my vocabulary. I feel the need to go out and help all the animals who don't have the vocal abilities to stand up for themselves. Not just wildlife, but domestic as well. Sean has quite generously given me opportunities to work in this field, TWICE. So thank you Sean, and thank you to my colleagues at the SPCA who have welcomed me into the animal welfare circle. (And on top of that they've shamelessly used me to lighten their own workloads!) I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all those volunteers and sponsors who make all this possible as well!

On a more goofy note...again, I've started to come to the end of my attempt at an article worthy of your attention. I hope that I have managed to spur your imagination and given some insight into this young man's mind. Now you've learned something about me, my experience at the Taiwan SPCA, and my views on the adult world which I have hesitantly made my first steps into. Be enlightened! (As promised at the end of the first paragraph.)

PS. My name is Arnold Taen. ;)

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