Monday, 12 April 2010

感謝所有參與這次機智問答活動的來賓以及贊助商﹐ 我們幕到了很多幫助動物的金費﹐謝謝大家的支持與鼓勵!

A Trivial Pursuit Pub Quiz fundraiser for the Taiwan SPCA April 11th, 2010. Special thank you to all the generous sponsors贊助商: 

The Brass Monkey, HTC, Costco, Coolframes Animation, Palais de Chine boutique hotel, Grandma Nitti's, Sababa's, Forkers, The Diner, Peacock Restau...rant, AlleyCats, Toasteria, Manchuker, Coolsilly.

The SPCA raised a total of close to $150, 000 NT from raffle sales, 50/50 sales, registration fees, merchandise sales, and 10% of all tabs on the night donated by The Brass Monkey!

Money Raised幕款金額:

Registration Fees: $23,900
Raffle Tickets: $99, 626
50/50: $8900
Merch: $4260
10% of Brass Monkey tabs from the night
= Close to $150,000 NT raised!!!

Proceeds will be going towards paying off outstanding vet bills at various hospitals and also towards the opening of a Taiwan SPCA Re-Homing Center in the near future!

*Congratulations to Dr. Yeh, veterinarian and long time supporter of the Taiwan SPCA for winning the HTC Desire phone!

*Special thank you to Dora for donating her 50/50 winnings back to the Taiwan SPCA! 


Prizes Won獎品得獎名單﹕

Manchuker Concert Tickets x 3: Tina Shu

CoolSilly CD and Autographed Poster: Corey

Bbq Grill - Connie and Carlos

Lawn table and chair - Scott Chen

Kid's Scooter - Connie and Carlos

Palais de Chine Hotel Package - 陽晴

HTC Desire Phone - Veterinarian Dr. Yeh

TOP 3 Team Winning Prizes前3名團隊: 

First Place 1st: 

-Bucket Party @ The Brass Monkey

-Manchuker Concert Tickets x 6

-Toasteria Coupon Package

-Peacock Restaurant $1000 coupon

-Grandma Nitti's $1000 coupon

Second Place 2nd:

-The Diner $3000 coupon

-AlleyCats $2000 coupon

-Manchuker Concert Tickets x 6

-Sababa's Dinner for 2 

-Grandma Nitti's coupons

Third Place 3rd:

-Forkers $2000 coupon

-Peacock Restaurant $1000 coupon

-CoolFrames Animation Gift Bags

-Grandma Nitti's Coupons

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