Wednesday, 30 September 2009

The Easy Way to Help Fix Most of Your Dog's Problems

Do you have a dog who barks too much? Is she a nervous or anxious dog? Does he have aggression issues? Is your dog chewing the furniture? Is she showing some kind of obsession? Does he go crazy when people visit? Does she have separation anxiety.

There is one simple thing you can do to help eradicate most of these problems: walk your dog more. It really is that simple.

A dog who is confined to an apartment or even a big yard is not fulfilling his canine needs. What makes a dog happiest is when he is migrating with his pack leader (that should be you, by the way), burning off energy, learning what lies beyond the boundaries of his home, stimulating his mind with all the new smells, sounds, and sights, and enjoying being part of a walking team. And after an energy-draining walk is the best time to make any obedience lessons more effective.

The Taiwan SPCA considers it cruel and irresponsible to not walk a dog. A dog who is confined too often, even to a large yard, is a frustrated dog. He will have an overwhelming need for stimulation, exercise, migration, socialization, and leadership (knowing his place in the pack, walking behind a good leader). But when these needs aren't met, all that energy, all that desire for stimulation, all that frustration at not knowing what lies beyond his den, and all that anxiety at not being reminded every day of his place as a follower in a pack will turn your dog into a nightmare. His energy will be released in negative ways, on destructive things, such as digging, or chewing, or will emerge as anxiety. He may seek stimulation from antisocial behaviour, such as barking or overexcitedness. And he might show that frustration through aggression.

The Taiwan SPCA recommends walking your dog for at least 45 minutes every day. By doing this, you will be helping your dog lose many of her issues, you'll be reminding her that she has a good leader who she can follow, and you will be experiencing one of the true joys of dog companionship: benefiting from taking time away from your own stresses to enjoy some peaceful time strolling in the open air with your best friend happily walking by your side. Walking your dog every day is great for you, too. Don't see it as a chore; see it for what it really is: a great stress-reliever. And thank your dog for helping you get outside more.

Try it. Set aside 45 minutes a day for you and your dog to step outside and enjoy a nice walk together. Notice how much better you both feel afterwards, and after keeping it up even for just a few days. And then start to notice how any unwanted behaviour starts to disappear. If you can do the long walk before leaving your dog alone for a long period of time, then he is far more likely to relax while you're gone. Remember: a tired dog is a good dog. Leave a comment here to tell us about the behavioural improvements you start to see.

And if you think you can't enjoy walking your dog every day because she pulls too hard on the leash, that is no excuse: our next post will be about how to have your dog walking beside you like a show dog in minutes. Stay tuned!

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